Nainital is situated in the valley of the Gagar range of the Himalayas, which extends from east to the west and connects to the peak of China in the north. Its breathtaking beauty and pleasant climate attracts thousands of tourists around the year. Being surrounded by prominent peaks and hills, it is one of the most enchanting hill stations within the Indian subcontinent.

People normally associate the place with its exquisite Naini Lake. It is within a perimeter of 2 miles and is encircled by seven hills having many villas and resorts. People enjoy yachting, boating, and paddling in the calm waters of the lake. Historical evidence shows that earlier the water was crystal clear and one could see the reflection of the seven peaks of the surrounding hills in the lake. However, at night, the reflection of light bulbs from buildings on the hills looks magnificent into the lake waters.

NainitalSeven hills that surround the Nainital Lake are Ayarpata (2,235 metres); Alma (2,270 metres); Deopata (2,273 metres); Sher-ka-Danda (2,217 metres); Laria Kanta (2,481 metres); Cheena (2,611 metres); and Handi Bandi (2,139 metres). ‘Ayarpata’ derived its name is from the Ayar tree. Similarly, ‘Handi Bandi’ signifies ‘echo’ because reverberating sounds can be heard from this hill. ‘Sher-ka-Danda’ means the ridge of a tiger and ‘Laria Kanta’ is named after a goddess. Finally, ‘Alma’ got its names from the ‘Battle of Alma’ fought during the Crimean war.

Forest walks for long miles along the forest trails is also a tourist attraction for the place. There are guides that can help you find your way through the forests. They also provide you information on the flora and fauna of these woods.

Nainital’s tourist zone stretches upto MulwaTal zone to the east where hilly areas of Bhimtal, Sattal and Naukachiatal have recently developed as tourist centers. The place attracts visitors during summer and winter vacations and the autumn break. The place witnesses its first round of visitors during April and the rush reaches its peak by mid May. A new category of tourists who prefer taking leaves from work prefer coming to Nainital during off-season to experience the silence and peace of the place.

Nainital town is the hub of the place. The Mall Road is stretching across the town and harbors hotels, residential buildings, and shops. Other famous spots like the Naini Temple, The Boat House Club, and the Flats also fall within the vicinity.

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