Accommodation in Nainital

The type of accommodation plays a very important role in deciding whether you enjoyed your getaway or you just had to struggle with inconveniences. Nainital has a large number of hotels and resorts that generally work seamlessly to provide you with the best facilities to make your stay memorable with them.

The tariff structure of every hotel varies depending upon its proximity to the landmark areas, the hotel standard, the time of the year, and the facilities provided. The hotels that are near to the Naini Lake or the Mall Road have higher room rents compared to the distant ones. Similarly, the hotels that are strategically located to get a continuous picturesque view of the Himalayan ranges or the Naini Lake or both are also more expensive. Overall, all the rents rise steeply during peak seasons.

Accommodation in Nainital Apart from this, the rents vary for different types of rooms. The suites are the most expensive ones. They are like mini-homes having a separate dining area, dressing area¬ł living room, and the bedroom with a huge balcony. They are fitted with all the latest electrical appliances like LCD, microwave, and electric toaster. The bathrooms are spacious and can have Jacuzzi fittings. Deluxe and economy rooms have lesser tariff.

In case you want to spend the least on your stay, then budget hotels is the best option. They offer only the required facilities like hot water, clean rooms, breakfast, heaters, etc. to make your stay comfortable.

In Nainital, many old buildings that were initially British homes have been converted into hotels and resorts. They have still maintained the Victorian style of architecture of yesteryears. You can also stay here and reflect on the British style of living at a slightly higher cost.

To have an experience of living amid dense forests, you can book a cottage for yourself or opt for a resort. You can get home-cooked food at all the mealtimes. Besides, you can also enjoy morning walks in the forests. This de-stresses and takes you away into a different world far away from the regular mundane of life.

These days most of the hotels also take care of your vacation activities. They provide you with trekking, hiking, bird watching, rock climbing, boating, musical evenings, indoor games, and many more. Their cost is either included in your stay package or is charged separately for each activity. Overall, Nainital has hotels for every pocket.

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