Adventure in Nainital

If you are looking for a holiday getaway that provides you with utmost excitement, then Nainital is an ideal choice. The adventurous spirit of the place is beautifully entwined in its mesmerizing landscape and snow-clad mountain peaks. You only need to pack your bags and book a ticket to rush to this amazing creation of Mother Nature. 

Adventure in Nainital Some of the adventures sports in Nainital include trekking, river rafting, sailing, yachting, sky diving, Canoeing, paragliding, and rock climbing. These sports are not only thrilling but they also help you to go beyond your set limits. Such activities are great confidence boosters and fear removers. 

If you want to be in the shoes of a bird and want to fly, then paragliding is a great option. You can also have a glance at the enthralling beauty of Nainital from the sky.

If you stay on plains, then water competitions are something that you normally watch in T.V. this place gives you an opportunity to a part of the cheering crowd of many such competitions that are normally organized during the summer season.

Camping is organized if you want to experience the challenges of living on a hill station. It also enables you to come very close to the Nature. Camping includes various different activities like flying fox, bonfires, yoga, hikes, and bouldering.

Mainly for the fearless and the tough lot, rock climbing is available. It is a sport to experiment with if you want to test your physical and emotional strength. However, for your safety during this risky adventure, guides and instructors are available every time. Ensure that you take all the necessary precautions to enjoy this nerve-chilling sport to the fullest.

If you are looking for short-time adventures, then Horse Riding is an easily available option. You can get on the horseback and feel like a king taking a ride on the Mall. Pony rides are available for children.

Nature walks is a never-to-miss activity for photographers, nature lovers, and solace seekers. 

To help you minimize your travel time and spend maximum hours on enjoyment, adventure camps are normally organized at the hillock known as ‘Tanki Bend,’ that is only 5 kilometers from the main town. Moreover, many travel agencies organize camping, trekking, and other adventure tours for students during vacations. These packages get customized for corporate tours and large family groups following negotiations with the respective agencies.

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