Affordable Budget Hotels in Nainital

Nainital, a lake town in the Himalayan ranges, is a major tourist attraction. People with different purchasing power visit the place and try to look for accommodation within their financial budget. Many also find it is a waste of money to spend a lot on staying because they want to save more for sightseeing, adventure, shopping, etc. For such category of people, Nainital is mushrooming with affordable budget hotels that have all the basic amenities for a comfortable stay.

Some of these hotels are mentioned here.

Affordable Budget Hotels in Nainital Hotel Himalaya

Hotel Himalaya is a historical building, initially built in 1918, for the royals. The rooms are lake-facing and are equipped with modern facilities. 

Hotel Krishna

Hotel Krishna faces the scenic Naini Lake. The hotel has its own restaurant and provides all basic facilities to its guests. One can visit its restaurant to try the mouth-watering Kumaoni food.

Hotel Pratap Regency

Hotel Pratap Regency is strategically located to offer its guests with the stunning view of the lake and the high mountain ranges. It also has a banquet hall that can be used by large groups to organize social or corporate gatherings. 

Hotel Radha Continental

Hotel Radha Continental, located on the Mall, is at a stone’s throw from many tourist attractions like the Naini Lake and the Naina Devi Temple. 

Hotel Sheela

Hotel Sheela is a leading hotel of Nainital, beautifully located on the Mall. It is facing the lake and the mountains thereby providing a magnificent view of the Nature’s beauty to its guests. The hotel also has a banquet hall. 

Lakeside Inn

Lakeside Inn is also situated on the busy Mall road. Being centrally located, it is suitable for people who don’t want to walk miles or take a cab to reach the main areas of the hill station.  

Hotel Palace

Located few minutes away from the main mall, the hotel has all the facilities for an enjoyable family stay. It has a duck pond and swings to keep children happy. It has a health club, games room, mini bar, a garden with country huts, etc. The hotel provides free pick and drop from the Mall.

Hotel Classic             

Hardly a kilometer from the main Nainital bus stand, the hotel takes care of the essential needs of its guests such as a 24-hour running hot and cold water, bathrooms with showers, STD and ISD facility¸ doctor on call, round the clock room service, safe deposit lockers, etc.

Accommodation in Nainital

The type of accommodation plays a very important role in deciding whether you enjoyed your getaway or you just had to struggle with inconveniences. Nainital has a large number of hotels and resorts that generally work seamlessly to provide you with the best facilities to make your stay memorable with them.

The tariff structure of every hotel varies depending upon its proximity to the landmark areas, the hotel standard, the time of the year, and the facilities provided. The hotels that are near to the Naini Lake or the Mall Road have higher room rents compared to the distant ones. Similarly, the hotels that are strategically located to get a continuous picturesque view of the Himalayan ranges or the Naini Lake or both are also more expensive. Overall, all the rents rise steeply during peak seasons.

Accommodation in Nainital Apart from this, the rents vary for different types of rooms. The suites are the most expensive ones. They are like mini-homes having a separate dining area, dressing area¸ living room, and the bedroom with a huge balcony. They are fitted with all the latest electrical appliances like LCD, microwave, and electric toaster. The bathrooms are spacious and can have Jacuzzi fittings. Deluxe and economy rooms have lesser tariff.

In case you want to spend the least on your stay, then budget hotels is the best option. They offer only the required facilities like hot water, clean rooms, breakfast, heaters, etc. to make your stay comfortable.

In Nainital, many old buildings that were initially British homes have been converted into hotels and resorts. They have still maintained the Victorian style of architecture of yesteryears. You can also stay here and reflect on the British style of living at a slightly higher cost.

To have an experience of living amid dense forests, you can book a cottage for yourself or opt for a resort. You can get home-cooked food at all the mealtimes. Besides, you can also enjoy morning walks in the forests. This de-stresses and takes you away into a different world far away from the regular mundane of life.

These days most of the hotels also take care of your vacation activities. They provide you with trekking, hiking, bird watching, rock climbing, boating, musical evenings, indoor games, and many more. Their cost is either included in your stay package or is charged separately for each activity. Overall, Nainital has hotels for every pocket.

Hotel Booking in Nainital

Nainital was earlier known as ‘Chakta’ that means a city of 60 lakes. However, with the passage of time, many lakes disappeared due to changing climatic conditions. Yet, till date, it is still known for the remaining nine lakes and especially the Naini Lake that is deemed as the hub of Nainital.

Nainital is a small, busy town that is visited by people from all the levels of economic strata. That is why, there are all sorts of hotels ranging from 5-star, heritage, luxury, budget or economy suiting the travel budget of different people. Resorts and cottages is another accommodation option for people who want to feel at home in the hills. The accommodation facilities are fully equipped with modern amenities and services. Tourists can make an online hotel booking either directly or through a travel agent. They can see the images of different hotel locations and their rooms on their websites before making a final decision.

Hotel Booking in Nainital For your convenience, there are many travel websites that provide a complete list of all hotels under all the categories in Nainital. The address, contact details, key features, and the rating of every hotel are mostly given on these sites to help you make a choice easily. You simply need to enter the name of the location, such as ‘Nainital’ in the search engine to retrieve a list of websites displaying hotels and other information about the location.

From the list, you need to search for a proper website that provides online reservation facility for Nainital hotels. Now, you simply have to spare few minutes to select your perfect stay and complete the booking process. If you are confused between two-three options, then you can compare the accommodations online based on a given criteria.

Such online bookings are especially useful while making the eleventh-hour arrangements. You may get an attractive bargain from the desired hotels who are striving to have a 100 percent booking. Online hotel reservation network also saves you from the hurdle of finding a suitable accommodation at an unknown place. You will not fall into the hands of local touts who can make a fool of you. You just have to ask your cab driver to drop you at the hotel gate.

Most of hotels accept partial payment for online reservations. The rest of the amount is to be paid at the time of arrival. The check-out time is normally 10 o’clock.

Resorts in Nainital

Staying in a resort has a completely different feeling with bunch of benefits and bundle of excitements. Most of the resorts are equipped with in-house gyms, spas, and discos that give spark to the unending excitement. Across India there are many resorts that offer bouquet of benefits and joys to all their customers. Visitors enjoy in the warmth of comfort and luxury depending on their own defined budget.

Resorts in Nainital Like other places across the country, Nainital is also packed with a number of good resorts that give a pleasant and memorable stay to all their visitors. All those who come there in search of nature’s beauty and to feel the magnificence of lakes prefer to take advantages of all the comfort and luxuries offered by some of the best resorts in Nainital.

There are many known resorts in Nainital like the Dynasty Resort, Shervani Hilltop, Himalayan Heights, and Naini Retreat. The Dynasty Resort is beautifully wrapped in greenery and is situated close to the Khurpatal Lake. The picturesque scenes of the surroundings and the amazing environemnt offer a delightful and relaxing atmosphere.

Shervani Hilltop is another amazing resort in Nainital situated in a prime location where tourists can embrace nature and rejuvenate within the green of the beautiful surrounding. The Himalayan Heights located on 72 acres of green land delivers an amazing view of the peaks wrapped in snow that gives a heavenly feel in the land of lakes. The Naini Retreat is also one of the most exciting destinations that offer all the facilities to fulfill the luxurious and comfortable needs of the tourist.

Among all the resorts in Nainital, there is one thing in common that all offers a perfect combination of joy, excitement, thrill, and peace in nature’s lap.

Hotels In Nainital

Nainital sees a great rush of tourists from nearby cities like Chandigarh and Delhi, especially during the months of April-June and September-October. Nestled in the arms of Kumaon hills, the hill station is a mystical combination of beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing lakes making it look like God’s abode. During the British rule, the place was the summer capital that helped the British escape from the scorching heat of the Indian plains. The basic infrastructure and amenities were already developed during their rule. Later on, after independence, government also took many steps to make it an ideal holiday destination for people.

Hotels In Nainital Nainital has hotels spanning across different price points. They range from budget hotels to ultra luxurious five-star hotels. The central segment of the hospitality market includes semi-deluxe and deluxe accommodations. All of them ensure to provide the tourists with a comfortable accommodation and the best possible services. Besides, the place also has many resorts for those who want to feel at home during their vacation.

Among luxury hotels, The Naini Retreat and Manu Maharani are few of the examples of giving world class hospitality to its guest. They are equipped with modern infrastructural facilities and mainly cater to the high-end income groups. Well-furnished suites, massage parlors, spas, gym, intercontinental menu are exclusive amenities provided to make the stay a classy experience.

Budget hotels are suitable for people who want to spend least on their accommodation. They simply prefer basic facilities like warm water, blankets, tea, etc. Some of these hotels are Hotel Aroma, Fairhavens Hotel, James Cook’s Cabin, and Hotel Krishna that provide sumptuous meals at affordable prices. Car parking facilities, recreation room, round-the-clock room service are common features of all of them. The guest list mainly includes businessmen and single visitors.

Few heritage structures erected during the British rule are turned into lodges and guest houses. They provide a glimpse of the lifestyle of the British at very reasonable rates. Some of these buildings are converted into heritage hotels, mostly in the luxury hotel segment, to provide the ultra-high facilities of the aristocratic life. Their guest lists mainly includes foreign tourists. Palace Belvedere, New Pavilion, and Earls Court are few of the examples.

If you are planning a vacation to Nainital, you can go to any search engine and look for hotels in Nainital. Various options will be displayed helping you to make the right choice.

Nainital Hotels

During summers, the British shifted to hill stations to escape from the scorching heat of the plains in India. Nainital was one of the sought-after hill stations during the British rule. As a result, it had a well-developed network of roads, basic infrastructure, and cleanliness. Today also, the government has taken all the measures to maintain the place thereby making it a hot tourist attraction for both national and international tourists.

Nani Lake is the heart of the place. Most of the hotels are situated around the lake to provide a view of the placid water to its visitors. There are hotels suiting different pockets. However, all the hotels provide hot bathing water, room heaters, and blankets around the year. They also have a kitchen to serve meals on request. Budget or economic hotels provide these basic amenities and a decent living environment to people. Most of them also have a cloak room where one-day visitors from nearby places can keep their luggage for a meager rent. They are not required to unnecessarily pay for a room.

Nainital Hotels Luxury hotels provide extra services like massages, spas, gym, etc. to provide an enriching experience of living lavishly in the hills. They also organize bonfires and arrange folk dances for their guests. They provide buffet meals that are generally a part of their package. The hotels situated away from the mall have cabs that ferry guests at beck-and-call.

Hotels also have their own guide to take people around the place. The rooms are normally of four categories: economy, semi-deluxe, deluxe, and suites. One can opt according to ones budget and choice. Most of these hotels have their own website that provides comprehensive information on their location, facilities, services, contact details, and stay packages. Some of them have uploaded sample pictures of their hotel rooms to give an insight into their premises.

Information technology has made it possible for people to make online bookings in advance. They simply have to send an e-mail and make a call to coordinate their stay with the hotel manager. This saves people, especially with families, from going through the hassle of finding the place to stay after reaching the hill station.

During honeymoon season, the hotels provide honeymoon packages for interested couple to make their stay memorable. They also have tie-ups with tour operators to ensure occupancy throughout the year. Nainital has many resorts that provide a homely stay to its guests.