Cuisines of Nainital

Nainital’s lip-smacking traditional cuisine is a must try for food lovers. Just like in any other place of India, Nainital also has its own unique combination of spices and herbs to create authentic dishes having a nice aroma, delicious taste, and a tempting presentation.

Cuisines of Nainital Rice or roti is an integral part of Nainital cuisine. It is a usually accompanied with different types of chutneys. People here use different varieties of rice for different recipes.

If you are a food gourmet and like to taste new delicacies, then you can try the local food at any restaurant in the Nainital town. You can easily find one while taking a stroll on the mall.

Some of the sumptuous dishes are mentioned here.  


It is a delicious recipe having a high nutritive value. It is a semi-liquid preparation made from different varieties of dals. It is normally eaten with steamed rice and bhang ki chutney. Ideally, Ras is prepared in an iron pan on a low heat to let it cook slowly in order to retain its nutritional content. 


The dish is frequently prepared by the local inhabitants of Kumaon region. Like Ras, it is also prepared from a mixture of toor, moong, and channa dal in the right proportion. It gets tastier when taken with bhang seed or sesame seed chutney.

Bhatt ki Churkani

It is a delicacy prepared on special occasions. Rice paste and black bhatt are its main ingredients. For a variety in taste, it can also be prepared with plain flour. 

Aloo Ke Gutke

It is a spicy dish prepared with boiled potatoes, coriander leaves, and whole red chillies. It forms a part of the snacks menu.


It is a dessert, which is sweet in taste, prepared mainly on special occasions like family gatherings, weddings, and festivals. Its main ingredients are jaggery, rice, and mustard oil. It is also a healthy recipe because it uses jiggery and not processed sugar for sweetness. Similarly, mustard oil has no cholesterol and is a better alternative to refined oil.


It is also a sweet dish prepared from wheat flour and jaggery. 

Black and White Roti

It is a type of stuffed roti prepared with wheat flour and mandua flour. Both the flours are combined in a given ratio to prepare the dough. The roti is normally taken with dollops of ghee or butter. 

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