Hotels In Nainital

Nainital sees a great rush of tourists from nearby cities like Chandigarh and Delhi, especially during the months of April-June and September-October. Nestled in the arms of Kumaon hills, the hill station is a mystical combination of beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing lakes making it look like God’s abode. During the British rule, the place was the summer capital that helped the British escape from the scorching heat of the Indian plains. The basic infrastructure and amenities were already developed during their rule. Later on, after independence, government also took many steps to make it an ideal holiday destination for people.

Hotels In Nainital Nainital has hotels spanning across different price points. They range from budget hotels to ultra luxurious five-star hotels. The central segment of the hospitality market includes semi-deluxe and deluxe accommodations. All of them ensure to provide the tourists with a comfortable accommodation and the best possible services. Besides, the place also has many resorts for those who want to feel at home during their vacation.

Among luxury hotels, The Naini Retreat and Manu Maharani are few of the examples of giving world class hospitality to its guest. They are equipped with modern infrastructural facilities and mainly cater to the high-end income groups. Well-furnished suites, massage parlors, spas, gym, intercontinental menu are exclusive amenities provided to make the stay a classy experience.

Budget hotels are suitable for people who want to spend least on their accommodation. They simply prefer basic facilities like warm water, blankets, tea, etc. Some of these hotels are Hotel Aroma, Fairhavens Hotel, James Cook’s Cabin, and Hotel Krishna that provide sumptuous meals at affordable prices. Car parking facilities, recreation room, round-the-clock room service are common features of all of them. The guest list mainly includes businessmen and single visitors.

Few heritage structures erected during the British rule are turned into lodges and guest houses. They provide a glimpse of the lifestyle of the British at very reasonable rates. Some of these buildings are converted into heritage hotels, mostly in the luxury hotel segment, to provide the ultra-high facilities of the aristocratic life. Their guest lists mainly includes foreign tourists. Palace Belvedere, New Pavilion, and Earls Court are few of the examples.

If you are planning a vacation to Nainital, you can go to any search engine and look for hotels in Nainital. Various options will be displayed helping you to make the right choice.

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