Nainital Fairs and Festivals

Nainital is a land of beauty and excitement. With abundance of joy the hill station spreads, it also abounds believes, customs, and faiths depending on different segment of people residing there. The land of beauty blends magnificently with a spectrum of fairs and festivals celebrated there.

Fairs and festivals in Nainital has its own charm and color, adding more excitement to the life of people residing there as well as a large number of tourists who visit there every year. Some of the most popular and lively celebrations include those of Phooldeli, Gheeya Sankranti, Bikhauti, Hariyala, Khatarua, and Batsavitri. Apart from these celebrations there are fairs like Nandadevi Fair, Ranibagh Fair, and Sharadotsav.

Nainital Fairs and Festivals Phooldeli

It is also known as Phooldeyi and is celebrated by adorning the threshold and entrance of every house with the first flowers of the season in March. These flowers are known to bring good luck and prosperity and bring the people of Nainital close together.

Gheeya Sankranti

Also known as Olgia, it is celebrated on the first day of Bhado that turns out to be the middle of August. On this day, agriculturists and artisans are known to give presents and gifts to their land owners and others who are involved in their trade and transactions. It is also known that people of Nainital eat ghee on this day and also apply the same on their forehead.


This is known to be celebrated for nine days in the Chaitra month when women do nine day fasting. Also known as Navratri, the celebration comprises of sowing seven types of grains that symbolizes the growth and prosperity to be achieved in future.


This is celebrated in Shravan month that falls in the month of July-August. The celebration welcomes the monsoon and also commemorates the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati.


Khatarua is celebrated to welcome the arrival of the autumn season on the first day of the Ashwin month in mid September. The festival is marked by cucumber offerings and is known to kill evil forces and influences.


Sharadotsav is a popular fair that takes place in the month of October. Various dances, cultural programmes, and arts mark the celebration along with the presence of a large number of local residents as well as foreign tourists.

Nandadevi Fair

This fair is organized in September with a variety of cultural activities that symbolizes the assorted culture and tradition of the beautiful hill station. The fair symbolizes the tradition, beliefs, and faiths of the people living there.

Ranibagh Fair

This fair is held every year at Ranibagh on Uttarayani. Although the fair takes place about 30 kms away from Nainital, it is known to be one of the most awaited fairs of Nainital.

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