Nainital Lake and Boating

The Naini Lake is the main attraction of Nainital, a hill station situated in the state of Uttarakhand. The surface of the lake is 1.935 m above sea level. The length and the breath of the lake are approximately 1,434 meters and 463 meters. Historically, it is believed that the lake was brought into existence by the mystical powers of three holy saints.

Nainital Lake and Boating Every day, the lake witnesses a large number of tourists who want to sail through its water while gazing at the majestic beauty of the hills surrounding the waters. Children like to enjoy the boat ride. They feel delighted by putting their hands into the cool water. It is also an ideal location for taking pictures of the scenic beauty and the family members boating in the lake waters.

Groups of young people, who are generally on school or college trips, find boat rides fantastic. They enjoy teasing their friends by throwing water on them, hitting others’ boats, and even getting into a race.

The boats are available in different sizes and are given on rent accordingly. Some of them are colored and look like swans and are mainly popular with kids. The rest have a regular boat shape. One can rent them from several boating points along the Mall Road. Normally, one can choose any boat as per his liking. However, during peak seasons, the boats are rented according to the number of people on a single ride. For instance, a couple usually gets a two-seater. For non-members, few yachts are also available on rent from the Nainital Boat Club.

The club is situated on the lake and is famous for its water sports competitions. It was constructed during the British rule for the officials and their families. It is said that the famous hunter-turned-conservationist Jim Corbett was denied membership to the club because of his Indian origin.

Though non-members are not allowed but you can visit as a guest with a club member. The club has a bar, a library, a ballroom, and a restaurant. The food served here is authentic, tasty yet cheap.

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