Nainital Schools

Nainital schools are famous throughout the country for their excellent educational standards. Every year, a large number of students pass out from these schools and make a name in the outside world. The schools are present separately for both for day scholars and boarders. However, many of the boarding institutions have the policy of admitting local students as day scholars.

The schools are known for inculcating an impeccable value system and a disciplinary lifestyle among children. The teaching methodologies focus on bringing out the hidden potential of the students and make them explore their passion. They dedicatedly work towards the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual development of a child.

Nainital Schools These schools organize a wide range of activities like debates, literary clubs, excursion planning, etc. to help students develop confidence and the ability to take decisions in life. This helps them in their careers in the long run as they thread fearlessly overcoming all the obstacles. Some of the renowned schools were started during the British period. The academic session is normally from March to November.

Some of the schools are:

St. Mary’s Convent School – As the name suggests, it is a girls’ school that was established by the British in the year 1878. It has classes from Nursery till 12th and follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate (ICSE) curriculum. It is both a residential and day school having both outstation and local students.

Sherwood College – It is a boys’ school that came into existence before 1947. It is the oldest school in the Nainital area and is known for churning out the cream of the country like the film actor Amitabh Bachchan. The school follows the ICSE Board curriculum. It is a boarding school that even accommodates day scholars.

St Joseph‘s College – It is also a residential school like its counterparts and follows the ICSE curriculum.

All Saints College – It is an educational institution providing women education and was founded in the year1869. Like other schools, it is also a residential and day school having classes till 12th standard.

Sainik School – ‘Sainik’ means ‘soldier.’ Therefore, the school is established with the purpose of admitting those students who want to join the Indian Armed Forces. From the very beginning, they prepare students in a manner that they fit the profile of an armed officer. However, it also admits other students and makes them competent enough to face the real-life challenges.

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